Every country has its own set of rules, regulations and procedures for granting permits to aircraft wishing for landing or even entering their air space, with the application procedures requiring complete flight information, important documents, and several other formalities.
However, whether you’re operating a private or charter flight, scheduled or non-scheduled operation, passengers or cargo trip, a technical or traffic landing, MAGHREB JET can promptly & seamlessly secure all required overflight and landing permits to ensure your flight operates smoothly and on time.
Over the years, MAGHREB JET has established strong relations with thousands of local contacts across civil aviation authorities CAAs across the globe. Our team, with their extensive experience in the flight services sector & their up-to-date acquaintance with the latest permit procedures, are devoted 24/7 to obtaining overflight and landing permits for your aircraft all across the world in a timely and efficient manner, regardless of short-notice requests, last-minute changes or emergency-handling requests.
Besides, if your flight is operating on behalf of government, military or heads of state, we’ve developed an exceptional 13-year experience in guaranteeing Diplomatic Permits in accordance with the often strict protocols.
Operating 24/7/365 from our based high-tech Operation Control Center, we deliver the following services to you:
  •  Short-notice overflight & landing permits (Seasonal and Ad-Hoc)
  •  Guidance and Coordination for Diplomatic Permits
  •  Military & civilian clearances
  •  Prior Permission Required “PPR”
  •  Airport Slots “Seasonal and Ad-Hoc”
  •  Traffic rights
  •  Scheduled and Block Permits
  •  Guidance and Coordination for Diplomatic Permits
  •  Special Operating Permits
  •  Traffic Rights and Foreign Air Operator Certificates