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About Us


Aviation Support Services Provider

Executive Sky Dispatch & Management, MAGHREB JET, with a state-of-the-art Operation Control Center in Beirut, our team of highly qualified professionals, unmatched global reach and over 13 years of experience in the aviation industry, serves you navigating to your destination anywhere worldwide and then supports you when there, so that your crew focuses only on flying and your passengers on fun. 


With quality focus & dedication, our experienced team delivers overflight & landing permits, whilst our flight dispatchers provide flight planning, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to ensure your flight is operated smoothly, efficiently, cost-effectively and on time.

On the ground, our network of local officers covers airports across the world ensuring MAGHREB JET is well placed to deliver crew briefings, cost-effective fuelling arrangements, ground handling services, weather forecasts, NOTAMs, hotel reservations and all the other services that ensure a speedy turnaround for your flight.
MAGHREB JET, is always on standby to assist your operations with any urgent flight type, so when you have a VIP flight that needs luxurious treatment, or an urgent ambulance flight, your crew will be enjoying the extraordinary services we deliver to exceed your expectations en route and on the ground.
Furthermore, MAGHREB JET, backed by a worldwide network of credit services, supports you, upon request, anywhere all across the globe with a wide choice of credit facilities, ensuring your company is billed for any costs incurred through a precise, transparent & flexible invoicing system.

Who Are We?

MAGHREB JET, based in Tunisia, is a leading business aviation service provider, offering high-quality Flight Dispatch, Aircraft Management and Supervision Services in Africa.
MAGHREB JET supervisors include licensed dispatchers who can manage all flight types, whether VIP, Passengers or Cargo, delivering topmost flight operations.
MAGHREB JET also delivers engineering services, providing you with the required assistance whenever you need, in addition to any impromptu or ad hoc maintenance on ground.
Moreover, MAGHREB JET swiftly and professionally settles all procedures at arrivals and departures, in addition to providing all-inclusive aviation facilities, including fuelling service in Africa .

So, there is no faster and more flexible service handling than through MAGHREB JET, which can accommodate arrivals and departures 24 hours a day. Clients can also take advantage of our full aircraft servicing.